(Set of questions)

There are a few things that I have not quite answered for myself that relate to recent projects and events… I’m going to post them here under this heading.

1. Why is it that everyone still wants to think of art as being personal in an autobiographical sense?

2. Why do people really care about genealogy? Besides understanding why your family ended up where they are, does anyone who doesn’t wish to legitimate themselves care?

3. Should things by artists be so contemporary that they are shown simultaneously in their museum shows? One recent instance of this is Rodney Graham’s current work at 303 Gallery. A few of the photographs were also on view at the Art Institute of Chicago as recent as mid-March. And of course, the Biennial system brings an onslaught of timely galllery shows… It seems that this strategy might create sets of work that feel familiar to people, in the same lazy way that having museums show off their “usual suspects.”