I have been thinking quite a bit about Madame Bovary these days–I read it for the first time recently. Madame Bovary, Imelda Marcos, Laila Ali, and the riots in Egypt have been floating around in my head for weeks now. Wikileaks, twitter. I guess I think a lot about food.

Some new projects are taking shape, and “research & evaluation” is looking more like a familiar mess of ideas, floating and bumping into one another, often with no real guidance. Clarity is wrung out of new work through talks with friends. And luckily, one of these projects is a big collaboration!

So here are some links, as fodder for talks:

Kim Jong-il loves things too.

Entering capitalism requires a bit of lubricant.

No need to fear–   Hanawons  are growing.

I love you, Barbara Bloom